Gregory G. Faia

Gregory G. Faia

Gregory Faia, President of Strive Incorporated, was born in New Orleans, Louisiana and graduated from Loyola University of Law.

Mr. Faia’s journey at Strive Incorporated has been one of discovering the significance of generosity and humility in being a leader. Mr. Faia recognizes the employment problems for disabled adults and the impact gainful employment brings to their lives. 

Mr. Faia has been the President of Strive Incorporated, a Louisiana non-profit organization for advancing business disability inclusion and equality since 2008.  His more than 14 years of  leadership experience in driving employment opportunities for the disabled was ignited by his friendship with the late Sr. Mary Jeanne Girshefski. the former President of Sophie Gumbel Guild.

Strive Incorporated has a team of talented and diverse individuals, including people with disabilities, who are working to build their independence through increasing the economic power of disabled adults.